Saturday, August 9, 2008


Beautiuful rainbow by photographer Dan Bush. This is a rare double rainbow. What makes this one so interesting, he got both ends with his camera. Click on this to see it bigger. It is awesome!

"And it shall come to pass, when I bring a cloud over the earth, that the bow shall be seen in the cloud"
(Genesis 9:14).

I have read a lot of blogs lately where people are getting thier share of rain. Sometimes a little more than thier share. But we know that God will never again destroy us with rain. The covenant which the Lord made with Noah stands fast, and we have no doubts about it. Why then, if we beleive in that covenant, do we worry when storm clouds appear in our lives? Shouldn't we also trust him to bring us a rainbow?

Faith should always see a rainbow at the end of the storm. When the storm clouds start to gather, just remember that God left us a witness to his love. When it looks like the Sun want ever shine again, God will send you a rainbow!


Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, that is an awesome rainbow photo, Eve! Adn with a beautiful message to go with it, in your post. Thank you!

Have a blessed weekend!


JeanMac said...

Beautiful post, Eve, and thanks for giving credit to the photographer. I have that rainbow on my sidebar and don't know where I found it - will give him credit.

Nicole said...


Thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoyed reading about your healing. God is good, all the time! Amen!?!


Alex said...

I've always loved this perspecitive. My grandfather used to tell me this as a child.

Susie said...

Eve-That is a beautiful picture. Thanks for sharing the wonderful message along with it.

Hadias said...

This is the character of faith that I am working on in this season of my life.

I have an old habit of getting frustrated or worried when storm clouds come. But lately I have been confirming to myself that the rainbow will come after the storm.

I have been gaining a sense of peace whenever things turn out badly. Partly because I now understand that what looks bad to me may really be working for Gods good.

What a great post and a great picture. If you have time I would really encourage you to read along with my book club. The cahpters are really short and we just started on Monday. The link can be found on my left sidebar.

Eve said...

hadias...I just found the book online and I will read along with you. This sounds like something I would reallyd enjoy. Thanks.

Edie said...

Hi Eve - Thanks for dropping by my blog, for your kind comments, and for signing my guestbook. I'm looking forward to your "Passion" post. :)

I just love this! Everything about it. That picture is just gorgeous and God is ever Faithful! Whenever I see a rainbow in the sky, I know God is reminding me that He is "thinking of me". He once gave me a rainbow like the one in that picture but it was so close I could almost reach out and touch it. It was the most awesome gift I ever received. :)

It's nice to "meet" you. I have enjoyed visiting.