Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Personal experience is the best evidence you have for the truth of the Bible.
"He that believes on the Son of God, has the witness in Himself." There is nothing that Satan can do to you that will make any difference, if you are born again.

If you have this weapon to use, the Sword of truth, don't let it sit there. Proclaim it loudly wherever you go. You have no reason to tremble before atheists and those who would mock your God. Your sword is invincible.


Debra said...

Eve, I have just re-read your posts here and loved the pictures.I have to admit, I am not very good at taking up the sword for battle. I am starting to do better because I know just how important it is. God DOES expect us to grow up, even though He always wants us to call, "Daddy! Help!"
I don't want to remain a child all my life. So, thank you. I love it how blogs are helping pepople in their walk with the Lord. I'm so happy to know you, Eve. Love, Debra

Alex said...

Hi Eve, hope you had a good day.