Saturday, July 12, 2008

MY LAUNCH DAY...things that matter to me

I am a Christian. I just love saying that and it is the thing that since 1980 has clearly defined who I am. I try to stay healthy in mind and body to the best of my ability but I often slip. I won't watch movies with violence, nudity or coarse language in them. I try to dress in a modest manner and I do not use profanity..well unless you count the times when Billy makes me so mad!!!... A spouse does know the buttons to push don't they? I am always contrite and deeply disturbed and ashamed after I let off steam, just to know that I can still go back to that place so easily after all these years bothers me a great deal. You would think I'd know better by now.

I'm not saying, what I eat, what I wear or what I watch, should apply to anyone else. It is my journey and we all have to walk our own walk, the best way we know how. You are welcome in my home and I'll feed you,,, : ) even if I don't agree with you. We all come into this world unsaved, until somewhere down the road we come to a fork. I'll love you anyway, if you chose another road from the one I chose. But in secret, I may shed a tear or two for you and pray for you. If we don't believe with all our hearts that we are right in our choice, then faith means nothing.

I am a plain speaker and one who barely knows an adjective from a pronoun. If you are looking for good grammar, this may not be the blog you should be reading. My take on the English language will drive you crazy. I am from the South and we speak Southernese here. I'll try to keep most of the drawl to myself and the whadugits (what did you get) just don't translate to type anyway, so you should be safe there.

So, welcome to my blog about my spiritual journey. I feel like Senator Clinton when she said, "I have finally found my voice". I had no idea I could find anything to write about when I just recently started blogging and this is my third. Please check out the others. They are clean and tidy, I promise. I really wanted to do a blog like this from the beginning but things didn't feel right. Maybe God thought I needed to practice first. LOL


Lucy Stern said...

I think we all want to do the right things in the sight of God and our fellow man....I will enjoy reading this blog.

Doris said...

Wonderful words and oh so true. I Thank God everyday for this person you truly are. Oh and I understand about that billy thing to. He is part of the reason you are who you are. Soooo understanding lol.

Me said...

I like your writing thoughtful and honest